INTACTA.CODE is binary data that uses two-dimensional technology, and can be used in newspapers to print a variety of multimedia information and technology. This software allows one to read INTACTA.CODE image by using scanners to read, to view.


INTACTA.CODE is/was produced by the United States INTACTA Technologies Inc.'s The United States and other countries registered trademark.


For more up-to-date releases and information, please visit http://www.op-ezy.co.uk/intacta_code/

How to use

Main Window

Click 'Scan File' to load your scanning software

Scan the code using your scanning software, recommended settings: Line Art (Black and White), 300ppi

After the scan is complete, 'INTACTA.CODE Reader' will attempt to decode the file, and ask if you want to open it.

The scan file function works with your current scanning software on your PC, there are 3 ways to load the scanning program through the 'INTACTA.CODE Reader':

Clicking the 'Scan File' button on the toolbar

Clicking 'File' --> 'Scan File' (or right clicking and choosing 'File' --> 'Scan...')

Pressing F1 on your keyboard

Program Help

File Menu

Scan File - Opens your scanner's scanning software to read INTACTA.CODE directly from a piece of paper

Select Scanner - Opens a list of available scanners to use, pick the scanner you want to use and click OK

Decoded Folder - Opens the folder where the decoded files are kept

Open File... - Lets you open INTACTA.CODE already saved on your computer, (MUST be in BMP format)

Settings - Lets you change how the program functions (see Settings)

Exit - Exits the program

View Menu

Tool Bar - Shows and hides the bar on the top of the window (Scan File / Help / Exit)

Status Bar - Shows and hides the bar on the bottom of the window, telling you the current status of the program

Help Menu

About... - Displays the about INTACTA.CODE Reader window

Help - Displays this help file


Setting Window

Display of the decoded file

Open automatically - Opens the decoded file from the INTACTA.CODE automatically

Confirm before opening - Ask if you want to open the decoded file

Open decoded folder - Opens the folder with the decoded files in it

Post Decoding

Overwrite if file exists - If a file exists with the same name, the new file will replace it

Ask to overwrite if file exists - If a file exists with the same name, INTACTA.CODE Reader will ask if you want to overwrite it

Delete other decoded files - If this option is selected, the contents of the decoded folder will be deleted. Select Send to recycle bin to move the files to the Recycle Bin, rather than deleting them.

Scan file on startup - This will perform the scan file command on starting the INTACTA.CODE Reader program

Notes about reading INTACTA.CODE

Scanner's colour settings

INTACTA.CODE is best read from a scanner that is set to either Greyscale or Black and White (Lineart)

If the reader complains about brightness, try adjusting those settings in your scanner's software

Scanner's resolution setting

300dpi resolution is recommended for reading INTACTA.CODE, a higher resolution will result in less chance of error, but may take longer to process.


http://www.op-ezy.co.uk/intacta_code/ - OP-EZY's INTACTA.CODE site

http://www.op-ezy.co.uk/ - OP-EZY's home page

http://www.intacta.com/ - INTACTA's site